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1745 Main Street   Jefferson, Massachusetts 01522
Community Partnerships for Children are funded by  grants from the Massachusetts Department of Education.  Any community in the state may apply for funds.  The  Department of Education decides how much money each community may apply for. 

Over 300 communities in Massachusetts now have Community Partnership programs.  The Wachusett Community Partnership for Children includes the towns of Holden, Paxton, Princeton, Rutland and Sterling.

Who is Responsible for the Grant Funds?
Child Care/
Family Providers
The Lead  Agent for the grant, Child Works Child Care Center, Inc. of Holden,  is responsible for the administration of the grant funds.
Tuition Guidelines
Who Decides How the Money is Spent?
Provider Information

Preschool Resources


The Community Partnership council decides how the money is spent.  The Wachusett Community Partnership council has 29 members, including 17 child care providers (8 centers and 9 family providers), public school principals, parents, and community members such as children's librarians.  The council meets monthly and votes on how funds will be spent.
Upcoming Events
Will I Have a Vote?
Not right away.  The 21 voting members are nominated by the council and serve for one year, with the option of one renewal.
What is the Money Used For?
About half of the money goes to subsidize child care tuition for working parents of preschoolers who meet the income guidelines.  The rest goes to training for parents and child care providers, program supplies for participating active providers, family enrichment programs and resources and materials for parents and child care professionals at area libraries.
The grant, from the Massachusetts Department of Education, does not discriminate against any applicant because of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, religion, disability or sexual orientation.
For more information call the Wachusett Community partnership office at (508)829-0729 and speak to the Program Coordinator.
Mailing Address:  Wachusett CPC, P.O. Box 206, Jefferson, MA 01522
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